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Zen Is Peace

Mountains and Water


The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose
that I am here and you are out there.
- Yasutani Roshi

I will tell you a story
of a girl who tells tales
tales as tall as she

I will tell you a story
of a student and wanderer
searching for what to see

I will tell you a story
of a teen who is quite sad
with the state of life as it be

I will tell you a story
from the perspective I know
the way life is for me.

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buy the stars | marina and the diamonds

Praesent nec mi vel dui porta eleifend. Aliquam at tellus eros. Etiam eget erat et magna cursus dapibus quis at turpis. In facilisis pulvinar auctor. Ut nec eros diam, eu tempus odio. Quisque eu odio lectus. Donec ac nisi sit amet sem tincidunt tincidunt a consectetur mi. Etiam tristique scelerisque dolor, a dictum felis porttitor non.

You’re buying stars to shut out the light
We come alone and alone we die
And no matter how hard you try
I’ll always belong in the sky